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  • The Exchange Order must be purchased before departing for Japan. It is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.


  • Upon arrival in Japan the exchange order must be exchanged for the Japan Rail Pass. This can be done at ticket offices in selected train stations, including at Narita Airport. You will have to show your passport and fill in a small form. For a list of stations at which you can do the exchange, please visit: Japan Rail Pass 

Shinkansen Bullet Train

Purchasing a Japan Rail Pass is a two step process

The Japan Rail pass enables unlimited use of the Japan Rail network for the pass duration. This provides visitors excellent value for money, in addition to simplifying the ticket buying process.  The pass is valid on all JR trains, whether they are local, express or the world-famous bullet trains (shinkansen) with only a few exceptions.

Must be purchased before you travel to Japan

Fast, punctual, efficient: Japan rail travel is the best in the world, spearheaded by the world- renowned Shinkansen or 'Bullet' Trains with their romantic names such as Hikari or Kodama. From a few days to a few weeks, whenever and wherever you travel in Japan the Japan Rail Pass is likely to be the most convenient and value-for-money way of doing so.


Japan Rail Pass - travel made easy

What's a Japan Rail Pass ?

The Japan Rail Pass allows the pass holder unlimited, great value travel on Japan’s extensive travel network, considered to be one of the most efficient in the world. This includes the world famous Shinkansen Bullet Train, the entire Japan Railways service and a selection of buses.


Japan Rail Pass Types & Prices Buy JR Pass Now !

Japan Rail Pass